What Steve McQueen Said About Jesus Right Before Death Will Leave You In Awe


The great story of the legendary Steve McQueen will bring a smile on your face.

This Sunday, an amazing actor returned on the screen after many years, just in time for the Harvest America Crusade. Pastor Greg Laurie had the honor to share the most important part of Steve McQueen’s saga.

News broke out that McQueen’s book “Steve McQueen: The Salvation of an American Icon” has been made into a documentary. Because the pastor is a big fan of McQueen’s, he allowed the 38.000 people present at the Phoenix Stadium to watch a preview of the film.


The pastor said:

“I thought this is a story that needs to be told. It’s a story McQueen, in his own words, worried he’d never be able to share with the world. Now, almost 40 years after his step into heaven, he’ll finally get the chance.
And one thing Steve said before he died was, ‘My only regret in life is that I was not able to tell people about what Christ did for me.’”


Steve McQueen died at the age of 50 from mesothelioma. He was a big movie star that starred in movies between 1953-1980. The pastor added:

“In a significant turn toward the end of his life, ironically, just before he found out that he had cancer and while still the top movie star on earth, Steve did something that showed me that he really was ‘the coolest of them all.’ He put his faith in God and became a believer in Jesus Christ.
He was simultaneously the most unlikely and then again maybe the most likely person to come to faith in God.
When you’ve experienced everything that this culture offers, you will see how empty it is. That was true of Steve: He had it all, but something was missing, and that led him to a little church in Santa Paula, California, where he heard the message of Jesus Christ for maybe the first time in a way he understood it.”


The pastor said that McQueen wanted to go to church with his friend, the flight instructor Sammy Mason. At the time the pastor of Ventura Missionary Church, Leonard DeWitt was the one that helped him to accept Christ. The pastor added:

“I know this because Pastor DeWitt met with Steve maybe a month after that, and they had a long discussion where the pastor answered a lot of Steve’s questions. The pastor asked Steve, ‘Have you become a born-again Christian?’ And Steve said he had.
Steve had the statistical cards stacked against him — no father in his life, an alcoholic mother who really didn’t have time for him. The fame and all the power he acquired actually, in some ways, made his life worse. It was like throwing gasoline on a fire.
He could have ended up overdosing on drugs or killed behind the wheel of an automobile, but yet he made his way to hear the gospel and so I think the takeaway truth is, ‘Wow, if God can reach someone like Steve, he can certainly reach me.’”



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