BREAKING: Australia Takes HUGE Stand For America… Puts North Korea On Notice


While everyone waits to see what will happen next between Washington and North Korea, there are leaders who prepare for what could end up a conflict, or worse, a full-on war.

As Breitbart reports, Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull stated that should North Korea directly launches an attack on the United States mainland or any of its overseas territories including Guam, Australia will immediately join the conflict.

“America stands by its allies, including Australia of course, and we stand by the United States,” Mr Turnbull told local radio station 3AW on Friday morning.
“So be very, very clear on that. If there’s an attack on the US, the ANZUS Treaty would be invoked and Australia would come to the aid of the United States, as America would come to our aid if we were attacked.”

With the ANZUS Treaty, the U.S., Australia and New Zealand are bond together in a defense pact covering military matters in the Pacific Ocean region. This means that an armed attack on any of the three parties would pose a danger to the others.

Mr Turnbull also revealed that U.S. Vice-President Mike Pence and he discussed North Korea’s behavior, calling it “the most dangerous flashpoint in the world today.”

“But be under no misapprehension, in terms of defence, we are joined at the hip. The American alliance is the absolute bedrock of our national security. If there is an attack on the U.S. … we would come to their aid,” he said.
“Now, how that manifests itself obviously will depend on the circumstances and the consultations with our allies.”

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