Report Shows FBI And Obama COLLUDED To Support Hillary On Election Day


Even though the investigation against President Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign is still going on, reports show that the FBI actively helped Hillary Clinton’s campaign on election night.

As it turns out, the FBI monitored the “fake news” that Russia put online on election night. But, someone close to the investigation into the matters stated the online monitoring stood “on the edge of Constitutional legality.”

As CNN reports, the FBI set up a command center in order to monitor Russian “fake news” activity on social media on the day of the election. According to their reports, “dozens of agents and analysts” gathered at the command center located at FBI headquarters in Washington, D.C., “watching for security threats, according to multiple sources.”

The FBI justified the action saying “months of mounting Russian intrusions targeting every part of the U.S. political system, from political parties to policy think-tanks to state election systems.”

But, they weren’t the only federal body involved to collude with the Clinton campaign. The Department of Homeland Security and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence had conference calls with the FBI on three-hour intervals to discuss the operation.

Sources close to the investigation worry that the federal government’s involvement could have violated First Amendment protections on free speech.

“We were monitoring news,” the source said, saying he and his counterparts were “right on the edge of Constitutional legality.”

There were only a couple minor issues in Georgia and Alaska. All of this proves that he Democrats were ready to blame Russia for the outcome of the election before everything happened.

Nevertheless, FBI officials congratulated themselves at the end of the day.

According to a report on the election day, “one Obama White House official responded to the messages of congratulations with the opposite view.”

That official said the bureau’s response to the operation was “a failure of imagination.”

“Are you kidding? What they did worked,” the official said, according to the report.

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