BREAKING: John Kelly Reveals Identity of White House Leaker

New White House Chief of Staff John Kelly after being privately sworn in during a ceremony in the Oval Office with President Donald Trump, Monday, July 31, 2017, in Washington. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

Ever since President Donald Trump took office, haters have been doing everything they can to sabotage his presidency and stop him from accomplishing his agenda. In addition to the constant criticism and lies from the Left, Trump’s White House has also been plagued by a series of leaks. There have been many speculations regarding the origins of those leaks, but now, it appears that General John Kelly has finally figured out who the leaker is.

After analyzing footage of Kelly while he was discussing the leaks with Fox News host Chris Wallace, a body language expert believes that the General knows more than he is willing to share with the American public.


Here’s what the expert had to say, as reported by Federalist Nation:

“John Kelly, was appointed Head of DHS and now has taken over the White House. I like him. Pretty honest guy. The thing that everyone is worried about now are the leaks. I want you to watch the small segment, because there’s not much on him. There you go. Leaked to the New York Times. This is talking about back in Manchester, the Manchester bombing. You see Kelly, he’s playing with his fingers, listening to the question. As soon as we hear ‘leaked,’ you get a pause, he sits up with his neck a little bit. He looks at him and engages instantly. He looks at his watch, if there’s even a watch there. And That’s how it’s played all the way through. They know who the leaker is. They know who the leaker is. So if you know who the leaker is, you avoid giving sensitive information to that leaker. Problem solved if you can’t get rid of them. Unless that person is in a position you cannot keep information from. But they know who it is.“


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