OF COURSE: California’s Democrat Governor Signs Bill Granting Felons The Right to Vote


California’s Democrat Governor Jerry Brown has shocked everyone with his latest decision. Democrats would accept giving felons the right to vote if it means they can get their way. So, the Governor is doing just that.

On Wednesday, Governor Jerry Brown signed into law a bill that will allow felons in California to vote behind bars. The felons will be able to take part in California elections as a way to ease their transition back into society.

The right to vote will be given to anyone convicted of a felony, but who is not currently in state or federal prison or on parole.

California’s constitution doesn’t allow for any felon to vote, no matter if he is in prison or on parole. In 2011, the state’s Realignment Plan shifted many of the state’s corrections program responsibilities to local government. Because of this, many low-level felony offenders were transferred to county-run jails and programs, as an effort to reduce overcrowded state and federal prisons and save money.


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