GOP Senator Who Sabotaged Obamacare Repeal Gets NASTY Dose Of Karma


GOP Sen. Susan Collins betrayed her party last month when she joined Democrats in sabotaging the Obamacare repeal bill. She even tried to defend herself by coming up with some ridiculous Planned Parenthood excuse that wasn’t the least bit factual.

Unfortunately for Collins, however, all of this has just backfired, and she is yet to suffer the consequences.

According to the latest polls in Collins’ home state of Maine, 60 percent of respondents have said that they were less likely to vote for Collins in a primary due to her vote on Obamacare repeal. Another 62 percent of respondents disapprove of her job in the Senate. Only 28 percent of respondents would consider voting for Collins in a potential primary situation, and 55 percent said that they’d like to vote for someone who had the backing of Gov. Paul LePage.

This is a huge turn of events, as Collins has been very popular in Maine in the past. She won reelection to her Senate seat back in 2014 by a staggering 37 points against conservative Governor LePage who only garnered 48 percent of the same electorate, reports Daily Sentry.

The latest poll is a result of a rising number of voters questioning whether Collins is even a Republican.

“Is Susan Collins actually a Republican? She conferences with the Republicans, there’s an R next to her name, but a question mark is more appropriate,” said Jason Pye, vice president of legislative affairs for FreedomWorks.

This comes after President Donald Trump bashed Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell for not removing Sen. John McCain, Sen. Lisa Murkowski, or Collins from their chair positions in the Senate to stop them from voting against the health care repeal.

“He should have known that he had a couple of votes that turned on him and that should have been very easy to handle, whether it’s through the fact that you take away a committee chairmanship or do whatever you have to do,” Trump said.


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