Rosie O’Donnell Just Sided With North Korea With What She Told Kim Jung Un To Do To Trump


Liberals in this nation are obsessed with President Trump and preoccupied with creating an alternate reality where all Trump’s enemies are their friends. Things have gone so far, that they have even started taking sides with the sworn enemies of the United States. They are not above selling their own country just to harm Trump and his agenda.

Rosie O’Donnell is one of the worst offenders and one of the loudest liberal morons out there. She has become so blinded by hate and stupidity, that she has just sided with Kim Jung Un.

She tweeted recently a rather treasonous message directed towards the North Korean dictator in which she directly defied President Trump, making the already very tense North Korea situation worse, reports US Herald.

In some ridiculous attempt to look cute, or funny, or even a little bit interesting, O’Donnell filmed herself with an effect of cat ears and a high pitched voice, telling Kim Jung Un to not listen to President Trump, because, according to her, “nobody in America does.”

“Hey, Mr, Kim Jong Un? Sorry if I didn’t pronounce that right. Anyway, sir, our president Donald is a moron. Don’t listen to him; we don’t,” said O’Donnell.

Given that Kim Jung Un is not the most ‘stable’ person, comments like this could be really dangerous if taken seriously.

Trump wasn’t joking when he promised to use force against Korea if they continue their aggression towards the United States. We are praying that it doesn’t come to any armed conflict, but if it does, we can only hope O’Donnell has left the U.S. by then and went to join her friends in North Korea.


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