Top Dem Just Teamed Up With Trump and Made MASSIVE Declaration on North Korea


Things are going crazy right now in Washington. First, President Trump made Democrats and John McCain lose their minds when he threatened to rain fire and fury on North Korea if they don’t back off.

Now, there has been another major shock when one of the Democrats just turned on the party and made a massive stance in support of the President.

Joe Lieberman said Trump did the right thing when he threatened North Korea the way he did, reports Liberty Writers.

“I know that President Trump’s words were strong, but I’m not upset about them because we’ve tried for years and years, really decades, diplomatic language and a lot else with the North Koreans and it hasn’t worked,” Lieberman said.

This is ridiculous. All we have done so far is paying off the Kim family and begging them not to build nukes. Clearly, they were making fools of ourselves and used our money to build nukes.

“This goes back to the ‘90s when President Clinton, in really good faith, negotiated an agreement with Kim Jong Un’s father, which gave the North Koreans billions of dollars in return for a promise to stop their nuclear program, to put the brakes on it and then stop it altogether,” Lieberman explained. “They essentially took the money and ran.”
“And I think it’s a statement that President Trump made, not only to show the seriousness with which we take the rapidly escalating capabilities of the North Koreans to the North Koreans, but it’s also a statement I think even more important to China.”

He is absolutely right!

P.S.: McCain, just register as a Democrat already!


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