District Attorney Announces He’s Going After Obama For TREASON


Barack Obama probably thought that everything he’s done will be forgotten after he leaves the White House. Well, he was wrong. Dana Boente, who was acting Attorney General until Jeff Sessions was officially approved by the Senate, wants to charge Obama with TREASON.

According to Boente, Obama did a lot of illegal stuff while in office, and continued with his treasonous behavior even after leaving the office.

Boente has been after Obama for a while. As US District Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia, he was next in the line to become the new Attorney General.

Shortly before leaving office, Obama signed an executive order cutting Boente out. But Boente came back on that line after Trump entered the White House.

From Trump’s inauguration until February 9, Boente was Acting Attorney General, and remains second in line behind Sessions, reports Federalist Nation.

The man has something on Obama, that’s why the former president tried to quietly push him away.

Unfortunately for him, now Boente is back, and he’s ready to continue where he was stopped.

It is widely speculated that Obama was part of the voter fraud via the 14 million illegals in this country. There is also the speculation that he had something to do with the wave of violent anti-Trump riots across the country.

We know Obama has a background as a rabid socialist. He has vowed to fight Trump with everything he’s got, he will stop at nothing to achieve his goal.

According to new reports, Boente is trying to assemble a grand jury to try Obama for treason. And when that happens, Obama will pay for everything he’s done to this country and the American people! We can’t wait!


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