Heated Fight In The Royal Family Breaks Out After The Queen Announces The Next King Of England


A few days back, sources close to Buckingham Palace explained that the Queen has made the decision to pass the Crown to Prince William. That would mean that William’s father, Prince Charles, is avoided for the role altogether, as well as his wife Camilla. While we don’t know how Charles took the news, this has, apparently, caused quite the scuffle between the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton and her mother-in-law Camilla Parker Bowles.

According to those same sources, the Queen thinks that Prince William and Kate Middleton are more ‘ready’ for the throne than Prince Charles. The numerous scandals he’s been involved in, including his affair with Camilla while still married to Princess Diana, are among the reasons behind this decision.

The Queen also said that the two were more ready to take the throne into the modern age. Of course, if that’s the Queen’s goal, the young couple would be much more ‘fit’ for the job, as there is a significant age different between Prince Charles and his son, Prince William.

This whole situation has apparently angered Camilla Parker Bowles as she thinks it is Kate Middleton that is forcing this ‘arrangement’, pushing her out of the picture.

We are getting more and more close to a change in the Crown. It has even been reported that Palace Communications staff are being ordered to be up-to-date on the 1937 Regency Act, reports World Politicus. This Act gives power to the heir.

Not only this, but it has also surfaced that the Queen had a mock coronation of Prince William and Kate Middleton only a few weeks ago, which started the rumors as to who was going to be next in line for the throne. No wonder, the speculations immediately spread like wildfire.

In the meantime, Bowles thinks they are trying to go over her husband’s head with all of this. Many others think that this is some kind of revenge for Charles’ careless mistake – his affair during his marriage to Diana. That scandal hurt the throne in more ways than one, and they have never come back fully from it.


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