Guilty! Guess Who Got Caught Smuggling Muslims Into The United States?


After finding out about this shocking new information, we are more sure than ever that President Trump was right to want to lock down the border with Mexico. The best thing for our country right now will be to allow entry to only carefully vetted persons.

Obviously, our nation has laws governing who enters this country in order to protect our citizens. But, we recently found out that someone has been smuggling potential terrorists into our country and he has just been caught. This is what we know so far:

“Sharafat Ali Khan, 32, pleaded guilty in a D.C. federal court Wednesday to one count of conspiracy to smuggle undocumented migrants into the U.S. for profit. The Washington Times reported that he will be sentenced this summer and could get up to 46 months in prison, though a lesser sentence is likely.
Court documents revealed the complexity of Kahn’s operation, which included moving illegal immigrants from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Peru and other countries through Brazil to Central America and eventually to Mexico before they would cross the U.S. southern border, Breitbart reported. For some, the journey took as long as nine months.”


This is why we warned that it’s not enough just to ban travel from nations that are infested with terrorists. These people are smart and will find a way to realize their goals, in this case using the state of Mexico.

One by one, all these smugglers of potential terrorists will be put out of business. The caught smuggler revealed that he wanted to stay in the US after he finished his sentence. But, District Judge Walton was quick to say that that will not happen.



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