Kamala Harris’ Dirty Little Sex Secret Comes Out After Jeff Sessions Shuts Her Big Mouth


Kamala Harris has been left speechless. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has outsmarted and outclassed her smart mouth!

She wanted to hide the fact she has a little sex secret, but that won’t work anymore. Even a corrupt deal with Maxine Waters that helped her stay in power was just exposed.

Kamala Harris has been screaming and bullying Mike Rogers and Jeff Session, using the attention around that situation to make a name for herself. But, she has been silent ever since her sex secret came out.

According to reports, Harris had an affair in 1994, when she was 29 years old, with 60 year old Willie Brown who was a California Assembly speaker at the time.



Harris used the corrupt politician to get what she wanted. Sources even revealed that several people at the Capitol described her as Brown’s girlfriend. Brown named her to the California Medical Assistance Commission, a job that paid nearly $98.000. Before that, Brown appointed her to the state Unemployed Insurance Appeals Board.


During the 2010 election, LA District Attorney Steve Cooley led her for California’s Attorney General. In the end, she won by approximately 50.000 votes. This happened after she contacted her good friend California Secretary of State Debra Bowen, who was supposed to certify the votes. Under suspicious conditions, around thousand of Cooley’s votes disappeared.


Liberals who want to make Harris look like a savior don’t ever mention that this happened. In reality, she is only another swamp creature that got what she wanted by having sex with some 60-year old buffoon.



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