George Soros: ‘I Will Take Down President Trump’ For The NWO


Billionaire globalist George Soros was attending The World Economic Forum in Davos, during which he threatened to “take down President Trump” to fulfill the New World Orders plans for “financial armageddon”.

Soros spoke at the exclusive convention in the Swiss Alps for high ranking politicians and corporation heads. According to reports, he has lost almost $1 billion because the stock market rallied following news that Donald Trump was elected president. That is why he vowed to destroy Trump and his agenda.

Many politicians and other wealthy people attended the annual dinner at the World Economic Forum in Davos. When Soros gave a speech, he included a warning to all large multinational corporations to hold off from doing any business in the United States until he’s ended Trump’s presidency, if they don’t want to face the consequences.

When he was asked what advice he would give to businesses preparing for the impact of the new presidency, he responded by saying:

“I’d keep as far away from it as I can.“


Reports revealed that back in 1992, Soros became president because he made $1bn by betting on the devaluation of the pound. Now, reports tell how he lost $1bn after the stock market rallied following Trump’s win.

Right from the very beginning of Trump’s presidency, Soros said that “reality will prevail,“ because he was confident that Trump’s powers would be limited by Congress. He added:

“He won’t be able to get away with being a dictator.”


Soros made these comments only after Wall Street analysts started referring to him as a “wounded beast” and warned that he is “hell bent on revenge” after his candidate failed to win the election.

Pundits and market analysts have been keeping an eye on Soros for the past few weeks, trying to find out what his next move will be. According to them, he is trying to create “financial Armageddon and unleash hell“, driving the Western world, and in particular the United States, to the edge of ruin. Out of the flames a phoenix will rise and this will be Soros’ vision of the New World Order.



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