Michelle Malkin Has Final Word Against Lib Idiots Trying To Tear Down Every Statue They Don’t Like


Liberals have been trying to erase America’s history and heritage by removing statues that they feel are not aligned with their values. This has made a lot of people furious, including conservative Michelle Malkin, who respects the ups and downs of American history.

Malkin said this to Sean Hannity:

“We’ve got the progressive left, the open borders lobby, who have done everything in its power to stop President Trump, whose trying to make sure we don’t have Madrid style bombings and more vehicular jihad attacks like this on our shores.
And what do they do Sean? Play the race card. Not only to demonize personally their political opponents, but to obstruct them from achieving our most basic goals of government in ensuring our sovereignty and the safety of our people.
This is about the whitewashing of history by progressive leftists. It bubbled up first on campuses where you saw militant Black Lives Matters activists and other social justice warriors try to tear down every last statue. And now it has spread across the country.”


She went on to express her support for the President and how he stood up against the liberals and their agenda:

“It is very effective Sean, not only for you and the supporters of President Trump, to turn the race card back and smack that race card over the head, figuratively, of the progressive left because somebody has to push back. I believe that is an admirable thing, that he is not going to let himself be pushed around and be labelled as a racist or supremacist by people who embrace Planned Parenthood.”


She concluded by saying:

“You want to take down a statue, how about the sculpture of Margaret Sanger, the godmother of the abortion movement, who was a champion of the worst and most evil kind of Eugenics? Why don’t you start with that?”


Watch the video HERE.



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