Hitting and Punching Leftist Protester to Black Boston Cop: ‘Stupid-A*s Black B***h. You’re Supposed to Be on Our Side’


Leftist protesters and their actions might have caused a free speech rally that was held in Boston Saturday to turn violent.

The free speech rally was supposed to be a “coalition of libertarians, progressives, conservatives, and independents and we welcome all individuals and organizations from any political affiliations that are willing to peaceably engage in open dialogue about the threats to, and the importance of, free speech and civil liberties.”

But, he now read reports in which the rally is branded as a “white supremacy” and “Nazi” rally. The thousands of protesters that came out to the rally were joined by a large coalition of left-wing groups such as Antifa and Black Lives Matter.

The Free Speech Rally protesters left peacefully after the event ended. They were protected by a heavy police armed guard who carefully watched over the surroundings. But, even with all the police officers present, there was still a lot of violence at the rally.



Left-wing protesters attacked the police at the rally in Boston this Saturday. While the police was attempting to subdue the violent mob of progressive groups, they were being hit with rocks and bottles full of urine.

Some of the violent incidents were even caught on video. In one video captured by reporter Philip Crowther, you can clearly see leftist protesters hitting and punching police and getting arrested while bottles are flung through the air.

Masked Antifa protesters flipped off the police to their faces and danced in front of them. In a video, a young protester is caught looking at a black Boston police officer and threatening to spit on him before saying:

“You stupid-a*s b***h. I’ll fucking spit on you, b***h. You stupid-a*s black b***h. You’re supposed to be on our side!”






Here’s the video:



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