Wasserman-Schultz Is Doomed. FBI Seizes Personal Laptop!


Former Democratic Party Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz thought that people would easily forget all the massive cybersecurity issues the Democratic Party suffered while under her leadership.

Wasserman-Schultz has been obstructing all the investigations into the leaked emails Democrats have been facing recently. She might be doing it in order to try to hide the corruption within them.

According to recent reports made by Fox News, after the persistence of federal investigators on the case, Wasserman-Schultz has finally decided to give the FBI her laptop. He laptop is a crucial piece of the puzzle because there is no telling what information related to the corruption and hacking might come out after the scans.

After months of not being able to gain access of her laptop, Capitol Police finally now has the laptop in their possession. Even though Wasserman-Schultz’s legal counsel has been in regular contact with the authorities, she still obstructed the investigation for quite awhile.

The focus is now on five IT contractors who worked with House Democrats, but have been also connected to the controversy around the Democratic Party’s web security and intelligence apparatus. The contractors who come from the same Pakistani family, have hacked into their clients’ email accounts and stole more than $100,000-worth of digital equipment.

The police is still investigating the contractors. According to sources, the contractors were also given “unauthorized access” to the House’s computer system, creating a huge threat not only to the Democratic Party but potentially to the entire House.

Many House Democrats have stood behind the contractors because they want to save face and not be blamed of racism or fear-mongering.



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