OMG! After The Media Tried to Destroy Trump, Mike Pence Stood Up & Delivered Their WORST Nightmare


The mainstream media has officially gone insane this week and crossed every possible line. They have hit a new low with their lies and calls for President Trump’s impeachment.

Now, President Trump’s enemies within the Republican party have decided to team up with the lying mainstream media and they are all calling for his impeachment to make Mike Pence President. None of them, however, expected Mike Pence to hit them with this kind of bombshell. What the Vice President just did has become these traitors’ WORST nightmare!

Mike Pence posted this message on Facebook not only supporting Trump, but calling for Trump supporters to join them “in the trenches” and to “Fight Back,” reports Subject: Politics. 

“It’s SABOTAGE,” wrote Pence. “The Fake News Media is working hand-in-hand with Washington’s corrupt bureaucracy to try to slow and block our America First Agenda,” he added.
“With so many forces out to ruin us, we are turning to you and our most trusted supporters at this critical moment to join us in the trenches to FIGHT BACK.”

At this point, President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence need all Americans to stand up and support them! We must fight back against the media and show them that they can’t take us down! All they want is to divide us and create animosity within our forces, but we’re smarter! We’ll stick together and destroy every obstacle on our way for a better and safer tomorrow. Only if we are united, we will help President Trump achieve his goal to Make America Great Again! We can do this, and we WILL do this!

WATCH Mike Pence give the best speech ever to our nation’s brave police officer’s in Washington DC:


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