BREAKING: Trump Writes Massive Check To Hurricane Harvey Victims…


The mainstream media has had one goal since the first day Donald Trump became the president – to destroy him early on in his term to avoid any chance of re-election. That is why they keep portraying him as a rich, white conservative villain.

They never post anything about what Trump does behind the scenes for thousands of people. We have never seen a mainstream news outlet report about the fact Trump has used personal funds to help countless individuals in tough situations.

Liberal media want to avoid portraying Trump as the genuinely good person he is. But, his good deeds are not going unnoticed this time – this is what he did for victims of the flood in Texas:


If you mind taking a trip down memory lane with us – do you recall a time when Obama took out his personal checkbook and donated a million bucks to the victims? The answer is hell no.

Source: Patriot.Report



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