The Kerry’s Accountable For Stealing $9 Million!


Americans are well-aware that John Kerry is yet another criminal who will eventually end up behind bars. After the new scandal arose, it is becoming clear that we might see him in jail sooner than we expected.

Kerry managed to get his daughter Vanessa $9 million richer through Seed Global Health, Vanessa’s organization, reports Founding Patriot.

He praised the program run by his daughter’s nonprofit as he announced an extension of its non-competitively awarded Department of State funding in 2014. At the World AIDS Day event in December 2014, Kerry said:

“What we’re talking about here is a multi-million dollar effort that will strengthen the capacity of healthcare workers to deliver lifesaving HIV services. [I]t will build on the Global Health Service Partnership with Peace Corps and Seed Global Health.”

While Democrats accuse Republicans for all sorts of things they can come up, their pockets mysteriously keep filling with money. We have to put an end to this madness and let them know that they cannot get away with everything they do! Do they really believe that Trump will let everything slide like Obama did? The Democratic party is loaded with people like Kerry!

God knows how much money all of those criminals have stolen from the taxpayers. Kerry surely is not the only one. It was funny though, him playing dumb and claiming that he had no idea what was going on. Sure, because $9 million can magically appear in anyone’s bank account.

And of course, the mainstream media somehow ‘forgot’ to cover this story. They keep pretending to be blind to all the frauds committed by Democrats and will continue to do so. But, God forbid if a Republican is caught in such act!


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