Democrats Just Filed Impeachment Against Trump, But Never Realized ONE HUGE Problem


In another one of their desperate attempts to take Trump down, a small group of Democrats filled impeachment articles against the President.

As expected, the impeachment stunt ended up backfiring in a huge way. The filing made by California Democrat Brad Sherman got only one co-signer in the whole U.S. Congress!

The liberals would need to convince hundreds of representatives to support their cause to impeach Trump. Despite all of their efforts, they only got 2 House members to sign it. Embarrassing!

The Trump administration is calling the impeachment papers yet another political stunt by the Democrats and we’re sure that the vast majority of Americans would agree with that assessment.

White House spokesperson Sarah Huckabee Sanders said of the attempt,

“I think that is utterly and completely ridiculous and a political game at its worst.”

She couldn’t be more right!

Sherman’s article accuses the president of obstructing justice during the federal investigation of Russia’s 2016 election interference.

This is the first time a lawmaker has offered an impeachment article against Trump, and it comes as Democrats have debated whether it is politically wise to press the case for impeachment at this time, reports Free Conservative Press.

In order to impeach a president, a majority vote in the House is needed. Unfortunately for Democrats, the House is currently controlled by Republicans, who have a 46-seat advantage.

There is literally zero chance Trump will be impeached anytime soon – and Democrats are very aware of that.

It is way past time for the Democrats in Congress to stop playing games and get to work!


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