LOL !!! FORBES article: “Melania Trump Is Fashionable, But She’s Unlikely To Become A Fashion Icon Like Michelle Obama”


FORBES has put out an article that is just borderline disrespectful to First Lady Melania Trump. According to the article, Melania is fashionable but could never be a “fashion icon” like Michelle Obama:

“Trump is gorgeous like an actress at the Oscars, with a dash of Real Housewife thrown in. She’s polished, but she’s not inspiring.”


How could someone say that about a First Lady that was once a model. She has impeccable taste in clothes and money to buy all the couture she wants. So, how could a woman like Michelle Obama, who has no connection to the fashion industry before she came into public view – be remembered as the more iconic of the two?

Fact is that in order to become an icon – you have to be more than just a pretty face and an international platform.


Melania Trump’s outfit from Donald’s inauguration was truly an unforgettable one – her head-to-toe baby blue outfit designed by the reigning king of American sportswear, Ralph Lauren, her knee-length dress, high-necked bolero jacket, matching gloves and stiletto pumps all convey a message of class and elegance. She looked like Jackie O. on the day her husband John F. Kennedy was inaugurated.

Melania has worn creations by Ralph Lauren, Karl Lagerfeld and other powerful and established, men in the industry. While some designers like Sophie Theallet, Marc Jacobs and Tom Ford have declined working with Trump, they will regret it when they see what they are missing.

When it comes to Michelle Obama, on the day of Barack’s inauguration, she wore a yellow-gold dress and coat by Cuban-American designer Isabel Toledo. With this outfit she showed that her wardrobe is filled with creations from merging, multicultural designers who could benefit from the publicity. Michelle Obama captured the zeitgeist in fashion, which we can’t imagine seeing Melania Trump do.



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