PAUL ANKA To Anti-Trump Charity: Kiss Your $75K Mar-A-Lago Deposit Goodbye!


Paul Anka, the 76-year-old musician who wrote Frank Sinatra‘s hit My Way, has said some very tough words for the Palm Beach charity who hired him to play their annual gala at Mar-a-Lago.

According to reports, after they changed the venue and the date following the Charlottesville events, he told them to “eat it!” He said that it was the organizers’ problem that the date was changed. He was clear that his contract said he was supposed to play on Dec. 2 at Trump’s club, not any other day.

Because of the changes in the date, he said that he will not be playing on the new date and they’re not getting their $75,000 deposit back.

Months ago, Anka was supposed to sing his classic song at Trump’s inauguration, but pulled out a day later citing family problems. Now, his reason for not being willing to play on Jan.5 is because he and his 11-year-old son and nine grandchildren had planned a European trip. In addition, his agent said this about the deposit:

“This is not negotiable. You will not get a penny back.”

Anka told Page Six‘s Richard Johnson this, showing he is getting sharper as he gets older:

“I run a small business. I’ve got overhead. I’ve got people on salary. They’re guilt tripping me, asking me to take a hit, but we didn’t cause the problem. They need to eat it. It’s their problem.”


Lois Pope, the widow of National Enquirer founder Generoso Pope, said that securing Anka’s performance was not an easy task. As for the deposit, she said those resources could’ve been better used elsewhere. She told Page Six:

“We went out of our way to accommodate him. So I’m sad and disheartened that he is not making the time or the same kind of effort to accommodate us in anyway.”


Source: Gossip Extra

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