The White House Just Gave California Gov. Jerry Brown Some Very Bad News About His Criminal Aliens


California liberals are pissed again – and even though that’s nothing new for them, the reason is surely unexpected.

If anything California is known for these days are sanctuary cities. All those illegal inmates cost the state prison money. Money which California usually gets from the government. Until now – because Trump’s new budget is cutting off the state from all that cash.

Which means that California liberals are whining because from now on, they’ll have to take care of illegals on their own.

Trump has proposed canceling federal government subsidies to states that house prisoners and inmates who are in the U.S. illegally, and there is no doubt liberal states like California won’t like it one bit.

However, Trump isn’t the first president to propose this – it has been part of almost every budget proposal. And every time, it faces a big fight. Even from Republicans, reports Federalist Nation.

Former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger also complained about skimpy [federal] funding. In 2005, he and a bipartisan group of western U.S. governors demanded a boost in the prison aid program to a total of $850 million, but they never got it.

The past two presidents, George W. Bush and Barack Obama, offered their own proposals to cancel the program, but without success. If Trump manages to pass it, he will be saving this country $210 million.

Despite what liberals whine about, the fact is that Barack Obama also tried to cancel federal aid to state prisons that house illegals. He did the same thing Trump is doing right now.

But you’re probably not going to hear about that in any mainstream media outlets. That would not be in accordance with the standard liberal California narrative. And ‘Trump is cruel and racist’ is the only story they want Americans to hear.

Trump’s story, on the other hand, is all numbers. And $210 million dollars is no small number.


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