John Legend Wants ‘Out of Shape’ Trump Supporters for Music Vid – REASON IS DISGUSTING


Recently, famous singer John Legend said that he was looking for some folks who look like they love President Trump. He added that he thinks people who love Trump are old and overweight.

According to a listing on Casting Networks in L.A., John Legend is looking to book actors for his upcoming music video project. The actors will play protesters on a set resembling a rally. He said he needed 8 white men and women, 30-65 years old, “preferably out of shape” to play Trump supporters.

In addition, the casting call’s for 8 black men and women ages 18-35 to play Black Lives Matter protesters, and 10 young and blonde white males ages 18-35, presumably to play alt-right protesters … with “very short hair or short on sides, long on top.”

There are no preferences when is comes to the actors’ body types, only for those who will play Trump supporters. There is even a casting photo included:


Legend is also looking for 2 females, one white and one Hispanic, to share a kiss in the video with the protest going on. As the casting sheet said:

“We want to show that there is no segregation in love. But just two human beings of any race or color.”


The video will be shot this Friday.


Source: Tmz


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