President Trump Makes History, And America Collects The Unbelievable $19 Trillion Windfall


America is already feeling the benefits of having a president who actually wants to make thing better for a change. The nation’s economic numbers under President Trump’s leadership are impressive. In fact, they are record-setting as the economy surges ahead.

A thriving economy increases incomes to Americans. Savings and investment are possible, and Americans who have taken on too much debt can find their way to pay it down. Businesses have the capital to invest which means more jobs and better jobs. And if the government restrains spending, fiscal sanity can be restored as opposed to the continual piling up of debt that we’ve seen for decades, reports American Daily Patriot.

And thanks to Trump, the nation’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) just hit a record of $19 trillion. The stock market is also hitting new highs, having gone up 12% since President Trump took office. In fact, Trump is the first president in history to preside over the country while the stock market rallied twice, setting record highs for nine days in a row.

Only 6 time in US History has the Stock Market had rallies with 9 or more days in a row of all time highs – Hoover in 1929, Eisenhower in 1955, LBJ in 1964, Reagan in 1987, Trump in 2017 and Trump again in 2017.

Trump, however, is the only President in US History to oversee more than one Stock Market Rally of 9 or more days in a row of all time closing highs.


What did Trump promise during his campaign? He said he would “Make America Great Again.” Part of that was making sure that those working Americans, the ones who make the country work, the ones who were ignored and forgotten by Obama and his administration, would be forgotten no more.


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