REPORT: Virginia Police To Be Sued Over Alleged ‘Stand Down’ Order at Charlottesville Rally


A lawsuit will reportedly be filed against Charlottesville police over an alleged ‘stand down’ order for the police during the deadly ‘Unite the Right’ rally.

A Verona-based law group is suing Charlottesville, its police chief and the Virginia State Police for not protecting citizens in the Aug. 12 white nationalist rally that erupted into violence and chaos.

Officials with Nexus Caridades Attorneys say they will sue city and state officials for “standing down” and not intervening in the violence, during which their client, Robert Sanchez Turner was injured, reports The Gateway Pundit.

“Mr. Turner was assaulted while police officers watched but failed to act to keep him safe or arrest those responsible for the attacks,” Jen Little, public relations director for the organization, wrote in an email.
“As reported by Mr. Turner and confirmed by footage from dozens of media cameras and hundreds of handheld cameras and phones, police stood down. This stand-down enabled neo-Nazis to inflict a modern-day race war in the streets of Charlottesville,” Little wrote.

Despite what the media is trying to make Americans believe, the mother of rally’s victim, Heather Heyer, thanked President Trump for denouncing the ‘violence and hatred’ stemming from the event.

“Thank you, President Trump, for those words of comfort and for denouncing those who promote violence and hatred,” Susan Bro said in a statement.
“My condolences, also, to the grieving families of the two state troopers and quick recovering for those injured,” she added.

White supremacist groups gathered together in Charlottesville recently for a “Unite the Right” rally and to protest the removal of a Confederate statue. Things got violent when a man with ties to white supremacist groups drove into a crowd of anti-fascist protesters, killing Bro’s daughter, Heather Heyer, and injuring many others.


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