WATCH: Federal Prosecutor Found Dead, You’ll Never Guess What He Was Investigating


Beranton J Whisenant Jr. is a reputable Miami prosecutor who most likely never thought his life was in danger.

He was working a case that required him to investigate DNC voter fraud. But now, he has been found dead. His lifeless body washed up on a Florida beach.


The investigator was only 37 years old. The news about his death devastated the community and his family. He leaves behind a wife and three children.

After digging up information, people found out that he wasn’t just investigating the DNC voter fraud. He was in charge of a few cases that involved passport and visa fraud. So, he wasn’t fond of the Deep State or Democrats. That might be a reason why some of them would want this man dead.

The mainstream media is reporting the story in a way that makes Democrats look like they had no involvement in the case. The Miami Herald has suggested that if the death was a crime or “retaliatory” than authorities would be more aggressive.

The police has been looking into the case. So far, they only reported that Whisenant seems to have suffered some kind of head trauma, possibly a gun shot. We don’t doubt that they will continue with their investigation until this case is settled and the murderer is behind bars.

Benjamin Greenberg, Acting US Attorney, said about Whisenant that he  “was a great lawyer and wonderful colleague, and we will miss him deeply. Our thoughts are with Beranton’s family and friends.”

Source: Angry Patriot Movement


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