Morgan Freeman Goes Off on CNN Race-Baiter Lemon – His Reaction Is Priceless (Video)


Considering the ‘liberal air’ floating around Hollywood circles, it’s always a pleasant surprise when you see one of those celebrities that’s ready to confront Democrats. Forwarding liberal narrative, celebrities went too far with their criticism against President Donald Trump. However, legendary actor Morgan Freeman decided to step back and do the right thing. He did something that shocked, as well as disappointed Democrat race-baiters, and the rest of America applauds him!

Morgan Freeman wasn’t buying any of the nonsense coming out of CNN host Don Lemon’s mouth. He silenced the host in the best way possible, and we hope that it’ll serve as a lesson for race-baiters to pay more attention to their comments.

Lemon wanted to know if Freeman believes that poverty is a matter of genes. But, the Academy Award winner could easily read between the lines. He explained the CNN host that wealth and genetics are in no way connected, reports World Politicus.

“If you’re born in the U.S., it really doesn’t matter the condition of your birth. What matters is what you inherit from your nurturing, from your environment, whether or not you are — I mean, this is from the standpoint of having been born with little. Here, you can always get out of that,” Freeman started explaining.

Lemon then suggested that racial discrimination among African-Americans is by extension an economic issue, saying:

“Do you think race plays a role in wealth distribution?”

Freeman gave a straight response and an example:

“No. You and I are proof of it.”

This, apparently, didn’t satisfy the CNN host, as he tried to get a different response, suggesting that some individuals might find it too hard to “pull themselves up by the bootstraps.”

That was when Freemen began lecturing the young progressive pup, reminding him he was born over 70-years ago in a place called Memphis, Tennessee. Then, he stated:

“Um, I had a long haul from where I came from to here…but here we are.”

Lemon interjected, saying:

“Not everybody can do that.”

Freemen, sitting back on his chair, exclaimed:

“BULLSH*T, everybody can!”



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