Liberal Screenwriter Bans President Trump From His Movies… Gets Surprise Ban of His Own


It’s not a surprise when a liberal celebrity tries to trash President Trump, but author Stephen King took it a step too far, and Americans won’t let him get away with it. Since day one, he has opposed President Trump and everything he stands for, and he hasn’t been quiet when it came to expressing his opinions either. This time, however, King decided to take to Twitter to publicly bash the President.

After years of criticisms of President Trump along with harassing messages towards our commander in chief, it seems this liberal screenwriter has no intention of even slowing down. However, so far President Trump has ignored King’s ignorant comments, but this time was different. It seems that Trump has had enough of King’s attitude, so he blocked him from his Twitter account all together.

A few months later, King made the call to claim a block of his own. He took to Twitter to announce that President Trump would not be allowed to see his movies.

King tweeted,

King’s “pun” was referring to the new film adaptation of his book, “It” and a new TV series named “Mr. Mercedes,” reports Banned Information.

The problem for King is that President Trump has too many loyal followers that will make him pay for his ignorant attitude. And if he truly thinks he can stop someone from seeing a movie, he has absolutely no idea how the world works. Twitter users made him aware of that:


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