After Another NFL Player Protested US National Anthem Last Night, League Owners Get Devastating News


The NFL is dealing with some serious issues at the moment, and it all started with Colin Kaepernick. The quarterback thought it would be smart to protest the US National Anthem, and it was the last thing he did in the season. Kaepernick is out of the game now, and no team wants to sign him. The player will most likely end unemployed, but he earned and deserved it.

However, Kaepernick is not the only player with attitude issues on the field. Several other players followed his example and kneeled during the Star-Spangled Banner as a sign of protest against racism. Patriots across the country condemned the “gesture,” and karma is about to do its job.

The league is yet to face many problems in near future, and the situation will get worse with every day that goes by. The New England Patriots challenged the Kansas City Chiefs in the season-opening game, and fans are putting their money on Patriots to win the Super Bowl this year.

There was a lot of hard-hitting action and awesome tricks, and we all loved the twist in Chiefs’ game. But, there was almost no audience to witness this. The opening-season game had the lowest ratings in a decade, and this is bad in so many levels.

The rating couldn’t go over 146, marking the lowest NFL season-opening game since 2009.

Many blame Kaepernick and his kneeling pals for the terrible rating, reports World Politicus. Some even said that Americans are focused on more important things like the situation in Florida rather than watching a game full of treason.

The NFL ratings are taking a steady downward trend, with 8% drop since 2015. Fans are tired of the NFL protests, and they’d rather spend their time watching educational programs.


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