FINALLY: Madonna Fulfills Her “Election Promise” And Leaves US


During the presidential campaign, many liberal celebrities promised to leave the United States if Trump wins. Madonna was one of them.

Unfortunately, most of the liberal snowflakes didn’t fulfill their promises and stayed in America. However, Madonna stuck through and recently announced that she would be departing from the United States and moving to Portugal.

She wrote in a statement,

“The energy of Portugal is so inspiring. I feel very creative and alive here and I look forward to working on my film LOVED and making New Music!!! This will be the next Chapter in My Book! It’s time to conquer the world from a different vantage point!!”

Madonna’s decision is certainly welcomed, since she has been acting out against the Trump administration for a while now and this country doesn’t need people like her. She even threatened Trump during the March for Women, saying:

“Yes, I’m outraged. Yes, I have thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House.”


Added to the list of Madonna’s ridiculous statements is her promise to voters during the election that if they voted for Hillary Clinton, she would give them all “blowj**s”:

The out-dated pop star announced on Instagram,

“I used to be a basket case but now I Live in Lisbon!”

The singer’s love for Portugal began in 2004 when she ended a tour there. While in Southern Europe, she will be working on a film, as well as new music.

There is also a petition circulating that asks for the removal of Madonna from the United States, reports USANewsPolitics. Here’s what it says:

“Getting rid of Madonna would improve the internet’s quality of life tenfold. She bitches and moans daily about our new president, so why don’t we send her somewhere that has leaders she likes? We can help make this happen. This is what Madonna needs, and this is what the internet needs. She also won’t need to worry about legal charges that occur when you threaten the life of a political official. Win Win.”

It IS a win-win – she is now another country’s problem!


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