Trump Axes Government Funds For Muslims, Then Gives Those Funds To True Patriots


A president is expected to be kind, understanding and respectful to everyone, as well as to celebrate and recognize every holiday/interest group under the sun.

Because we’re a “nation of immigrants,” it has become somewhat a tradition for a president to meet with and pander to these groups, no matter who or what they are and what are their intentions.

Unfortunately, as a result, America’s Christian groups and holidays have become increasingly marginalized, as LBGTQSXZYRV and Muslim groups were heavily favored by Obama and his administration.

But that’s all about to change now that Trump’s in office. He’s rightfully focusing on traditional interest groups and refusing to grant outsize influence to those who represent only a fraction of the nation.

This is shown in his administration’s recent decision to eliminate a 2016 Obama plan to fund Islamic groups and hold an Islamic “iftar” dinner for them. With this, the President not only showed who and what his priorities are, but he also deprived them of their primary method of peddling influence on behalf of wealthy Islamic nation.

The Department of Homeland Security announced a revised list of the organizations that will receive DHS funds, which is an attempt to prevent young Muslims from becoming jihadis.

The new list replaced an Obama list announced January 13, 2017, and it dropped a $800,000 grant for an Islamic seminary in Los Angeles, and a $393,000 grant for a linked organization, the Muslim Public Affairs Council Foundation, reports American Daily Patriot.

These groups have strong ties to Obama and his cronies, with their members even acting as “advisors” for the former president. They previously lobbied for letting semi-segregated Islamic political communities and groups, instead of the FBI, play the leading role in combating Islamic terrorism.

DHS Director John Kelly explained his department’s decision:
“They are out there doing what they think is their religion and think [it is] what they are supposed to be doing, Kelly said.”
“What I’ve elected to do is take what little money I have in this regard and give it to what I consider to be the time-proven things–law enforcement from an outreach point of view and communities developing relationship.”


Trump has done the right thing to stop Obama-funded madness and focus on those who truly have America’s best interests at heart.


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