BREAKING: Congress Just Outlawed Barack Obama! This Is Huge!


President Trump got an emergency bill from the Congress to outlaw Obama’s Deep State. Obama’s shadow government must be stopped once and for all!

Once this bill gets signed, any and all interference with the federal government that people will vote would constitute not only a crime but would be considered an act of sedition and war.

Neither the President nor the Republicans will let Obama have the strings. His time is up, thank God, and he has to make peace with it. He has no business in interfering with the politics of this country. He has done enough damage.

According to Jeff Derpinger, Director of the WHOIP, the bill would go into effect immediately and that they monitor every move that Obama makes.

The Deep State is finished in America. He  can go back to Kenya if he wants to pretend to be in charge.

Once the bill gets signed, Obama will be under surveillance as long as he’s on American soil.

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