BREAKING: Trump Makes His Move To FIRE Treasonous Obama Spies – IT’S ON!


When Obama left the office for good, he said he will take a break from politics. However, soon enough we found out that it was just another lie. All along, his plan was to run a shadow government from Obama’s rental mansion close to the White House with one goal – taking President Trump down. Unfortunately for Obama, it seems his shadow government is about to be destroyed.

President Donald Trump is making some significant changes into the intelligence agencies who are supposed to serve the United States. As part of the swamp-draining, Trump’s long-time and highly accomplished ally, Stephen Feinberg is launching a thorough review into the agencies on behalf of the Trump administration.

With Feinberg on his side, Trump will have at least one loyalist in the intelligence community. The co-founder of Cerberus Capital Management has already began his investigation and is calling intelligence officials in for meetings, reports Federalist Tribune. Not surprisingly, he is facing staunch opposition from the staffers who are supposed to be engaged in non-partisan, essential national security matters (but apparently aren’t).

Stephen Feinberg’s job is to discover how the leaks of classified information related to Michael Flynn’s phone call with a Russian ambassador occurred.

During the early stages of the Trump transition, Obama spies in the intelligence community were reportedly worried about the possibility of Feinberg becoming the head of one of their agencies. It was rumored that the Trump supporter might be tapped to lead the CIA.

Here’s the irony and the double standards when it comes to the liberal media: they were all up in arms screaming over privacy issues when Hillary Clinton’s emails were demanded by the FBI, but they are totally silent now even though Clinton was under investigation and Flynn was not!

Any liberal career politicians or so-called journalists who thought President Trump was not going to push until he got to the source of the leaks is about to be proven wrong. Our president will not only find out who illegally tried to sabotage him, but he will also punish them to the full extent of the law!


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