CIA Agent Comes Forward And Blows The Whistle To Uncover Obama’s True Identity


CIA Analyst Tony Shaffer recently did an interview for Fox News in which he shined some much needed light on the war between the deep state and Trump’s White House. He revealed that it was members of the Obama administration that leaked Lt. General Mike Flynn’s private phone calls with Russian officials.

Shaffer said that John Brennan and James Clapper are the ones to blame for this incident:

”These two former CIA chiefs have long been suspected of running counter-intelligence operations against the Trump administration.”


Sources even said that Brennan collaborated with Estonian and British intelligence agents to brand President Trump as a Russian agent.


Clapper, on the other hand, tried to dismiss the accusations, saying that “leaking unclassified is not leaking,” reports Democrat Busters.

Rumors have been going around that both Clapper and Brennan were connected to former National Security Advisor Susan Rice of the Obama administration, who has been suspected of using her level of clearance to cause problems in President Trump’s inner circle.

The same accusations go for the National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster, who authorized Rice’s security maintained after the transition to the Trump administration. Many think that it was him that provided information to the globalists because since he let Rice keep her security clearance, it clears her of espionage charges.

It’s about time for Trump to clear out Obama’s deep state.



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