We Found Him! Guess Who Who Was Just Arrested In Sanctuary City For Massacring Hundreds?


President Trump was loud and clear when he said that not all immigrants are truly victims of war.

Ever since he entered office, he warned that many of them are here to do our country harm. Because of this, liberals labeled him as an insensitive monster and a racist.

According to the Daily Wire, an alleged kidnapper in the Los Zetas Mexican Cartel  who was arrested in Chicago, got extradited to Mexico where he faces over two-dozen kidnapping charges and is linked to a horrifying massacre in the Mexican state of Coahuila.

 U.S. law enforcement officials arrested Arredondo at an immigration court in Chicago which the Center for Immigration Studies lists as an official “sanctuary city.”
According to the liberals, though, there aren’t any bad people in these sanctuary cities.
But, that’s not what facts state:

Arredondo faces 28 kidnapping charges in Mexico where authorities previously linked him to a chilling massacre in Coahuila in 2011, where over 300 people were kidnapped, killed, cut into pieces, and incinerated in ovens: The order was simple — kill anyone related, associated or that in anyway had contact with Villanueva or Garza Gaytan.

Trump warned us about people like Arredondo.

The Cartel Chronicles report that Loz Zetas rounded up ntire families, friends, distant relatives and innocent individuals who happened to have one of those last names — even if they were not related.

 Their victims were tortured and executed in various brutal methods. The bodies were brought either on a ranch near Allende or to the Coahuila state prison in Piedras Negras to make the bodies disappear.

Inside the jail, Loz Zetas dismembered the bodies of the men, women, and children who had been kidnapped. Then, they would place the body parts in 55-gallon drums filled with diesel oil and burn them.  The ashes were then dumped in a local creek that leads to the Rio Grande.

Now, we’re not saying that EVERY immigrant is a criminal. These facts only prove that our country must be cautious with them.

Trump isn’t preventing them from starting a life here, but they must enter here legally.

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