Liberal Governor Announces ‘Sanctuary State’… Only Days Later A 3-Year-Old Girl Pays The Price For It


We have something very serious to report – and it will make you more than furious.

Liberals and their media keep saying that Trump’s border wall idea is not something logical, pulling everyone’s heart strings by sharing videos of children crying while “daddy” is taken away. But, how is it that they still don’t understand all the good the wall will do?

What Trump wants to do is end the crime committed by illegal aliens, while in the same time helping the victims of this crime and their families, reports Freedom’s Final Stand. Breitbart just reported a heartbreaking story:

“Police charged an illegal alien from Guatemala with sexually molesting a three-year-old girl in the ‘sanctuary state’ of Connecticut. Police arrested Douglas Hus-Flores, a 19-year-old Guatemalan national, and charged him with first-degree sexual assault, and risk of injury to a minor. The mother found the toddler bleeding and rushed her to a nearby hospital.” (…)
Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy (D) sent a memo in February to law enforcement officials across the state demanding they refuse compliance with federal immigration officials in order to help shield illegal immigrants from federal immigration law, as Breitbart News reported.


After years of hard working tax payers paying for the healthcare of these illegals, it’s time to send them home. Thanks to Trump, that will happen sooner than expected.


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