President Trump Unleashes Powerful Executive Order — Muslim Migrants Are Mad As Hell


Muslim organizations located in America will be furious to learn about this new decision that was just made. Previously they tried to use the race card in order to defend themselves, but this has nothing to do with race.

With this new policy, members of one religious group would be placed under greater scrutiny before allowing its members entrance to the U.S. If the world was perfect, programs such as this one would be unnecessary and irrelevant. But, that is not the case.

In order for people to be safe and have a pleasant life, those who have violent motives should be put behind bars. That includes those of every race, nationality, and creed.

What radical Muslims want to do is turn western nations Islamic societies. This is why the insinuation of Islamic principles into our government and courts must be stopped, reports American Patriots.

Because of what has been happening, America has a new rule that will require all Muslim migrants to undergo “extreme vetting” before being allow entrance to our country.

President Trump wants to protect this country from the  danger that some Muslims represent, which is why he  issued an extreme vetting order, which means that Muslim migrants must submit to a thorough and full DHS interview before consideration is given to admitting them to the United States. This will include n in-depth personal interview conducted by DHS officials.

Matthew J. O’Brien, a former USCIS employee who is now director of research at the Federation for American Immigration Reform, stated:

“The first two categories to require interviews, beginning Oct. 1, are people already in the U.S. on business visas who want to apply for permanent residency, and refugees or aslyees hoping to sponsor family members to join them here. This is the base for building extreme vetting. He said interviews are a key way to screen people for fraud or national security risks.
You can only vet people if you have information, and one of the best ways to get information is to talk to people and then compare that info to objective info you get from other places, if you don’t have these interviews you’re missing a fundamental step in the vetting process.”




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