Katie Couric Gets Schooled by Ben Carson on Gender Identity, She’s Left Speechless!


We all know and love Ben Carson, the retired neurosurgeon, author, politician, former Republican presidential candidate and current United States Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. Carson isn’t afraid to tell what he believes in and he proved this in an interview with the famous journalist and author, Katie Couric.

Dr.Carson discussed gender identity and said that transgender individuals may identify with the opposite gender, but he stressed that this does not change their biological sex. He said that it is absurd to claim we do not know what a man or a woman is, because this has been defined since the beginning of time. Couric was speechless and didn’t know how to respond to Carson’s undeniable logic, reports Federalist Tribune.

“We have known what a man is and what a woman is for thousands of years,” Carson said. “And all of a sudden, we don’t know what they are anymore. I said, ‘That is absurd.’ ”
“There are biological markers that tell us whether we are a male or a female, and just because you wake up one day and you say, ‘I think I’m the other one,’ that doesn’t change it. Just, a leopard can’t change its spots.”

Couric countered that the many transgender people she has interviewed have said that from the beginning of their consciousness, they had felt as if they were trapped in the wrong body.

“It’s not as if they woke up one day and decided, ‘I’m going to be a male or I’m going to be a female,’ ” she said.
“But it doesn’t change their genetics,” Carson countered. “It doesn’t change their biology because of the way that they feel. Now if they want to pursue whatever they need to pursue in order to get where they need to be, that’s fine. But the way that you feel that morning does not physically change who you are.”

When asked if there should be tolerance for the transgender community, Carson said “of course” but also said that tolerance “goes in both directions.”

“Our Constitution protects everybody in every group to have equal rights, but nobody has extra rights,” he said. “Nobody gets to redefine everything for everybody else and then make them comply to it. That’s not tolerance.”


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