Muslim Figure: “We must have Pork-Free Menus Or We Will Leave U.S.” How Would You Respond to This?


Muslim migrants have caused chaos throughout the entire world. Our country in particular has faced countless of terrible incidents that involve Muslims. President Trump offered the perfect solution to put an end to this madness and stop them from coming into the United States illegally. But, Democrats blocked his decision, protecting their beloved Muslims from whatever comes in their way.

The Muslims were aware that America can offer them countless of possibilities. Moreover, Obama was the one to encourage them to be louder than they should be, providing them with all the benefits they asked for. The problem is, they didn’t really ask to have rights and be equal with Americans, they asked for special treatment. That’s what their special snowflake friends, the liberals have taught them.

President Trump realized long ago that they will be a tremendous problem, so he recommended banning foreigners from Muslim countries. Unfortunately, his decision was blocked and now we are forced to deal with the consequences.

Now, here is the Muslims’ most recent caprice. In Chevigny-Saint-Sauveur, they demanded that they school menus be adjusted according to their needs. What they want are pork-free menus, reports Founding Patriot. But, Mayor Michel Rotger stood up to them and refused to grant their wish.

“We are setting up an operation so the youngsters eat everything and their eating regiments are adjusted. There is excessively squander so we will show them to eat meat, be it poultry or pork” stated the Mayor.

Of course, the liberals lost their minds, so this is what Paul Garrigue had to say:

“Today, we are discussing secularism in a by and large hostile to Muslim way. We consider secularism to be devise of resilience and living respectively and not rejection.”


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