Nеil Gоrsuch Mаkes MАSSIVЕ Announcеmеnt In Thе Suprеme Cоurt – DЕMOCRATS АRE FURIОUS!


Right after Justice Antonin Scalia passed away, he was replaced by Justice Neil Gorsuch, who was more than eager to start his U.S. Supreme Court lifelong term. But, only a couple of months into his term, he started to give the left fits.

While Democrats are quick to attack the new justice, others want to see if he would carry on with the same conservative principles as Scalia, as guaranteed by President Donald Trump.

Ranking member Sen. Dianne Feinstein said that Gorsuch is just like Scalia. Reports reveal just what Gorcush did to anger leftists this much:

Gorsuch publicly disagreed with his colleagues’ decision to pass up a challenge to the McCain-Feingold law’s ban on so-called soft money. He dissented from a ruling enforcing same-sex couple’s rights to have their names on their children’s birth certificates. He lamented the court’s refusal to hear a case about the right to carry a weapon in public. He took a strong stand in favor of churches’ right to public subsidies. And he signed an opinion saying he would have allowed President Donald Trump’s travel ban to go into effect now, in full.


Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse said that he things Gorsuch is a  “tool of the creepy billionaire coalition,” reports Federalist Nation. Whitehouse told Politico this:

“It sure looks like I was right. It’s too early to draw any final conclusions, but the early signals are ominous about him being the tool of the creepy billionaire coalition.”


Sen. Richard Blumenthal, who worked as Justice Blackmun’s clerk, said that Gorsuch had displayed little of his boasted independent streak. He told Politico:

“In a way, I’m surprised that he hasn’t demonstrated more independence. I am surprised because in his demeanor and his tone he really made a huge effort to show his openness — which some of us thought might be more an act than it was a real persona.”


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