Watch: ISIS Jihadis Try To Drive Suicide Truck Into Infidel Humvee, Realize Their 1 Big Mistake Too Late


We should be thankful every day that we have such brave men in the US military and intelligence. Not everyone can go head to head with terrorists. Because of their bravery, we can have a normal and safe life.

Terrorists are dangerous people, they attend classes in order to learn how to make bombs. Try to imagine what  the first lesson in any one of these classes would be like: ‘there are no re-takes. You have one opportunity, and that’s it.’

However, not all terrorists learn how to make bombs properly, which is why these particular terrorists blew themselves up way, way too early. Reports from Conservative Tribune reveal:

A video that shows Islamic State fighters erratically driving a truck filled with explosives proves these jihadist aren’t always the smartest individuals.
The ISIS vehicle is trying to crash into one of the two Iraqi Humvees, hoping that it will explode and kill everyone in the process.
After trying to travel down the same rocky path as the Humvees, the explosives prematurely detonate after the truck hit a massive speed bump, killing the fighters before they even reach their target.


Watch the video here.

This makes it clear that ISIS is running out of smart suicide bombers, reports My Right America. How didn’t this suicide bomber think that a moving target could move away from him? It’s just plain stupid.

The bomber, who was probably intoxicated, tried to crash into two Iraqi Humvees, driven by sober people. Another thing needs to be noted – Humvees are built to travel across rough terrain, which allowed the Iraqis to gain a big lead ahead of the Islamic State group fighters.

ISIS terrorists tried to chase down a faster, better vehicle in a slower, bumpier vehicle, while carrying bombs that can detonate if they’re jostled. Of course, they chose to drive down a bumpy path. This had disaster written all over it since the very beginning.


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