Trump Fires Back At Hillary After She Took Aim Last Night – She’s Done For Good!


Former Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton has been all over the headlines recently as her new book “What Happened” was just released. In the book, she talks about her perspective of the events that went down during the 2016 presidential election.

This Wednesday she did an interview during which she strongly criticized President Donald Trump. She started off by calling him a “danger to democracy,” then went on to explain how he was “immature” and “unqualified” to be in the Oval Office, all while challenging his overall ability to lead the country with the rest of her ranting, reports USA News Flash.

She even added that “he is unpredictable, which at the end of the description one can give him, make dangerous.”

This is not the first time Hillary says something like this about our president, and it surely won’t be the last. But, she just got a lesson from this, because President Trump himself responded to her insulting claims on Twitter:


Awhile later, he posted another tweet, mocking how she spent big money to silence the “deplorables” but they still came back to haunt her:

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