LOL! Costco Puts Hillary In “Milk Aisle” For Book Signing…Customers Shout “HILLARY FOR PRISON!”…Ask For Membership Refunds [VIDEO]


Recently, Laura Loomer visited Brookfield, CT to see how customers at Costco were receiving Crooked Hillary at her book signing tour. Loomer is well known to the public as the activist who bravely stormed the stage in Central Park and disrupted the Trump assassination play this summer.

But, last week, we saw her get  forcibly removed from Hillary’s book signing in New York. When Loomer got the chance to talk to Hillary, she asked her questions like, “Where are your 33,000 emails?” and “What happened to Seth Rich?” How Hillary reacted was priceless, reports 100 Percent Fed Up.

Laura took it to Twitter to post a video, showing the reaction by customers to Hillary appearing at their local Costco for a book signing:

Eventually, the secret service removed Loomer from Hillary’s book signing because Hillary didn’t want any more nasty videos out there exposing the truth about the questions Americans really want to hear her answer. Loomer than wrote:

“Just showed up to @Costco for @HillaryClinton book signing
and when I arrived police said @SecretService told them not to let me in.”


Even after Hillary demanded that Loomer is kept out of the store, Costco allowed her to go inside of the store. Loomer said:

“Thank you @Costco for respecting my first amendment right and allowing me inside despite @HillaryClinton telling @SecretService to ban me!”


Awhile later, Loomer tweeted again, telling what a Costco employee said to her:

“A employee just told me “IDK why they even let her come. They said a lot of people have canceled their memberships. We hate her.””


Loomer continued by making jokes about where Costco put Hillary:

“Behind the toilet paper & yellow rope is where @HillaryClinton was signing books.  Yes,  is in the toilet paper aisle @Costco!”


According to what Loomer said, Hillary was signing books next to gallons of milk:

“Could’ve been in the @WhiteHouse , but now @HillaryClinton is signing copies of her fiction book next to gallons of milk. 


Anti-Hillary protesters gathered in front of Costco, shouting “Hillary for Prison.” Loomer wrote:

“”I think it’s a disgrace that @Costco has @HillaryClinton. She’s a criminal!” — Westchester. Housewife with a  flag”



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