Bill O’Reilly has been totally vindicated. This changes everything.


After several women made sexual harassment allegations against Bill O’Reilly, he left Fox News, which was one of the most surprising twists to occur at the major cable news outlet. Bill O’Reilly was known as one of the best political commentators in America.

But, there has been a development in this case that casts doubt on the allegations. Newsmax has just reported that Perquita Burgess, who claims O’Reilly harassed her with sexually-charged language, was found to have been arrested for making false accusations.

Burgess was the first to accuse O’Reilly of sexual harassment. New York Times were the ones who led the charge to take down the news host, but ultimately it was Burgess’ statements which started the whole thing.

The New York Times wrote a whole story about O’Reilly’s sexual harassment charges. They claimed that he chose to settle the cases in court for large sums, even though O’Reilly had said that he settled in order to save his family from emotional distress.

Burgess worked as a clerical temp at Fox News for several weeks in 2008, during which time she claimed O’Reilly harassed her by calling her an African American, “hot chocolate.” After she said this, it was a big story on many media outlets and she scored quite a few interviews.

What she said led Fox News to pull the plug on the O’Reilly Factor. But, what has been revealed now suggests that they might have pulled the trigger too soon.

Documents from the Detroit Police Department reveal that back in 2015 Burgess called the police and falsely accused her then-boyfriend of hitting her in the face with a gun. An officer responded to the call but when he got on the scene he couldn’t find the gun of any sign of injury.



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