Highly unlikely, Babs. But like most liberals, why take responsibility for your own actions, when you can blame someone else, right?

Regardless, Streisand took to Twitter to let the world know the REAL person responsible for the extra poundage – Donald Trump.

Like many other liberal celebrities, singer and actress Barbra Streisand once promised she would leave the United States if Donald Trump were elected president. And, like the majority of them, she didn’t leave and instead is now drowning her discontent in syrup and pancakes.

In what appears to be a humorous attempt, the entertainer blamed her weight gain on Trump-induced pancake consumption.

That same day Streisand was particularly distressed about Trump’s accusation that then-President Barack Obama wiretapped his phones during the election, which apparently led to some more pancakes.

Hollywood liberals obviously have no intention of stopping their ridiculous anti-Trump tirade and accepting the fact that the American people chose him to be their president. Following the footsteps of her fellow liberals, Streisand has recently raised her voice against Donald Trump in a series of complaints and offences, calling him an “angry, hollow, vindictive man.”

According to her, Trump is “a narcissistic fraud in the White House.” The Hollywood liberal went on to even question Trump’s mental health and his willingness to criticize the “very fake news media.”

Streisand’s conclusion was that Trump “will not grow in the office:”

“The large ego of a small man drives the vindictiveness of his policies. He watches cable TV and then tweets in a rage. He lacks the temperament to fulfill his role. For all his ranting about fake news and fake media…the truth is, he is the fake president.”


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