KISS Front Man Gene Simmons: Celebrities Should SHUT THEIR PIE HOLES ABOUT POLITICS (VIDEO)


KISS front man Gene Simmons is one of those rare, right leaning celebrities who have common sense and can actually think for themselves.

The bass player has always been known as a straightforward, in-your-face kind of guy who speaks his mind and doesn’t give a damn if anyone likes it or not. Recognizable by his iconic makeup and large tongue, Simmons was never one to stand by quietly and watch things go by without having his say.

His character and behavior have caused outrage by many, especially liberals. While he outright refused to perform for Donald Trump’s inauguration, he has gone on to become big Trump supporter.

Criticizing his fellow celebrities who are still trying to accept the fact that their beloved Hillary Clinton lost the election, Gene Simmons thinks they should stop crying about it and just get on with their lives.

He recently appeared on the FOX Business network and offered some words of advice to his Hollywood friends.

Simmons thinks it’s time for celebrities to keep their political opinions to themselves—especially when it comes to the results of the 2016 presidential election.

“I think celebrities should basically shut their pie holes and do what they do best—act, sing, tap dance… all that kind of stuff,” Simmons said.

Gene, a former school teacher who plays bass in the legendary rock band that is known for songs “Beth” and “Rock and Roll All Nite” added:

“President-elect Trump is the president. You can like it, you cannot like it. He’s the new president, that’s the end of the story.”

When discussing a Donald Trump rally in Cleveland, Simmons said,

“In simple terms…everybody should just take a big deep breath and why anyone, including yourself, in the fifth estate would care what a celebrity cares or otherwise is the height of foolishness. America has finally come to the edges and the brink of insanity where some people might even consider it a good idea for people living in Malibu to decide our foreign policy.”



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