Senior Citizens Group Warns Hollywood: Bash Trump At The Oscars And We’ll Boycott Your Movies


Trump supporters are sick of Hollywood elites and their left wing politics. They’ve had it with liberal celebrities spouting their political views. One senior citizen group has even issued a warning to Hollywood about the Oscars.

They are threatening a boycott if the Oscars turn into another hate-infused Trump bashing like the other Hollywood shows.

This threat should not be taken lightly, considering that seniors are wealthy and they are among the biggest age groups to fill movie theaters.

Taking aim at the star-studded event, a group that represents conservative seniors which dubs itself the alternative to AARP, issued the warning with examples of hate-speeches:

Michael Shannon said Trump supporters should die: “It’s time for the urn.” He said kids should shun parents supporting Trump. “And if your parents voted for Trump? Fu— ’em. You’re an orphan now. Don’t go home. Don’t go home for Thanksgiving or Christmas. Don’t talk to them at all. Silence speaks volumes.”

— Director Judd Apatow said he felt like he had been “raped” by Trump.

— Michelle Williams said about Trump’s election, “It was a very hard day to be a mother.”

— Jimmy Kimmel called President Trump’s EPA pick, “a piece of s***.”

If such comments are heard at the Oscars, then members of the Association of Mature American Citizens will boycott theaters.

“More than 60 million Americans voted for Donald Trump,” said Dan Weber, president of AMAC, which boasts over 1 million dues-paying members.
“They are tired of being demeaned and mocked by celebrities who have become enriched in large part due to the money we spend on movie tickets and other entertainment programs. If Hollywood continue its vicious, bigoted hate speech against those who simply hold different political views, then we don’t have to watch their films anymore,” he added.

This would be hitting Hollywood where it really hurts – in the wallet.


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