Trump’s and Obama’s Education Secretary Both Charged the Government for Travel. Here’s the Difference


When Donald Trump became President of the United States, the American people immediately noticed the differences between him and his predecessor, Barack Obama. Changes in the new administration and all of the departments were long-awaited and embraced by Americans. Education was one of the many sectors that got improved when Trump took over.

But liberals couldn’t make peace with that. They immediately started attacking the new Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, placing several reports that claimed DeVos travels to government engagements in a private jet. Stories with misleading headlines about the secretary using a private jet were trending on Twitter and on Facebook.

Of course, none of them are true. DeVos is flying on her own jet and on her own dime. She has considerable wealth and can afford to do so. Nonetheless, many attacked DeVos for being out of touch.

According to her spokesperson, DeVos has billed a grand total of $184 total for travel for a train ticket to New York.

For comparison, Obama’s Education secretary billed nearly $40,000 to the government in travel expenses during his first few months on the job. Of course, it seems the reporters “forgot” to mention that or simply didn’t want the public to know the truth.

Education Department Press Secretary Liz Hill said DeVos pays for “all her travel expenses including flights, hotels, etc., out of pocket and at no expense to taxpayers.”

Since coming to office, DeVos’ only charge to the department was one roundtrip Amtrak ticket from DC to Philadelphia for $184, reports Independent Journal Review. Hill added that DeVos also covers travel expenses for her security detail or any other staff accompanying her on the aircraft.

Unlike DeVos, her predecessor, Secretary John King, spent under $39,000 of government money on travel during his first months in office.

“For the record, we flew coach, and we came back same day if we could,” tweeted King’s former press secretary Dorie Nolt. “We also actually spent time in public schools.”

That sounds strangely defensive for someone who received $40,000 in free travel from the federal government.

This is only part of the many differences between the old and the new Education Secretary, and we’re happy to finally have the education our children deserve.


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