3 Muslim Women Refuse To Take Off Veil At Security Because Of Sharia Law, Airport Has 1 Perfect Response


If someone wants to commit a crime, wearing a full face veil would most certainly help him. I don’t mean that in a Islamophobic way, because the person wearing it can be a woman or even a man from another religion that is just wearing the clothes for the sole purpose of committing a crime.

In our country and many others, there are certain times that require the full face veil to be removed, like for example for photo IDs that can be used for voting and driving.

What just happened with a Muslim man will have you shocked. According to reports by American Conservative Herald, the man wanted to go through customs with three Muslim women and refused to have their veils removed, saying it was against their religion. Unfortunately for all of them, they immediately got sent back from where they came from. One official stated:

“He got angry and refused to fill the form. He even abused the official and Indian system. While the officials were trying to pacify him, another passenger, who had arrived from Bangkok, also requested him to fill the form. Instead of listening to the other passenger, the Kuwaiti national entered into an argument with him. The passenger from Bangkok slapped him.”


It’s not the first time that we see a Muslim have a hard time getting along with others. They need to understand that not all countries are Muslim countries, so not all of them will respect the same traditions.


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